About Us

Our Vegan Factory

We believe that the key to eating healthy plant-based food is enjoying what you eat and having a variety. Our team are focused of making family favourites that are healthy and taste amazing. Our creative chefs work with New Zealand’s top suppliers to get the best locally sourced ingredients to create delicious seasonal frozen meals.

All of our meals are hand weighed and packed to ensure you receive portion controlled nutrition that is of the best quality.

In our production facility operates under a Custom Food Plan which is monitored and audited by the government agency – Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI). There is no cross contamination from animal products in our plant as we only process plant-based materials. Our customer’s safety when consuming our products is at the forefront of our production ethos so we take every reasonable precautionary step to ensure every product produced is to the highest safety of quality and food safety.

Berkano is the first of its kind

Berkano is the first of its kind being New Zealand's leading vegan ready-made meals manufacturer. Berkano was established in 2017 and has been distributing frozen heat and eat meals across the country.

Customers can choose from over 200 products we now have available. Our products are sent out every Monday or Tuesday in chilltainers (insulated cardboard boxes) and reusable ice-packs to keep them chilled and are delivered straight to your door the next morning using an overnight freight.

Our company ethos

Berkano Foods is driven by compassion and as a company, we specialize in delivering high quality, healthy, plant-based gourmet dishes. Our meals are guaranteed to be cruelty-free, vegan and delicious. Berkano is 100% owned and operated by vegans and is proudly made in Christchurch.

Our company is focused on providing people with the choice of healthy plant-based meals at the convenience of being readily eaten. We know time is everything and in this day and age, we seem to have little time to cook. We also not only want to provide convenience, but also quality. We only use quality ingredients and we cook small batches to ensure the best tasting food.


Living Wage Employers

We want the highest quality vegan food service available, and to do this we need to support our team by giving them what they deserve. That's why we are focused on becoming living wage employers. We aim to have all of our staff on Living wages by 2021. We look forward to this celebration, as another big milestone we can cross off our ever expanding list.

What "Berkano" means...

The name Berkano comes from the rune which means “The most obvious Truth is hidden deep within, and only you will ever know it.” It also symbolises a rebirth. This fitted in perfectly with our ethos and we get asked about our name’s origin frequently.