Stuffed Tofurky

$54.90 $45.90 -16%
  • Stuffed Tofurky

Stuffed Tofurky

$54.90 $45.90 -16%
  • Plant-based 'Turkey' by Grater Goods

    Our Roast Furkey proved extremely popular last year so we're opening pre-orders early to make sure no one misses out!

    The Grater Goods Roast Furkey is a 'white-meat' seitan roast with herb stuffing, wrapped in a soy 'skin', and comes with a maple, garlic soy glaze. Easy to cook, delicious hot or cold and a definite show-stopper on the table.

    This year we're just doing two sizes

    1kg, which easily feeds 7 people.

    500g, which will feed 3-4 people.

    • vegan
    • locally made with natural ingredients
    • artisan
    • high protein
    • dairy-free
    • meat-free
    • heart-healthy