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Nutty Bruce Activated Almond Milk 1L

Berkano Foods Ltd


Made in Australia from at least 84% Australian ingredients

Nutty Bruce is 100% natural, plant-powered goodness - created using a slow, meticulous process to get more of the nutrients from whole nuts for a creamier, more delicious taste. 

Nutty bruce organic almond & coconut milk has none of the thickeners and flavours that you see in some almond milks. Just filtered water, organic activated almonds, organic brown rice syrup and sea salt. Simple and natural. The gummy truth about most plant milks. Ever noticed how some plant milks are thick and creamy but contain such a low nut content? the mystery ingredient is. Gums! these gummy, gooey ingredients are used to create thickness and creaminess where it might not otherwise exist. Here at bruce, we made a choice to never use gums and love packing our milks full of clean, real food ingredients, like whole organic nuts. It's these goodies that help us to create our delicious, creamy texture. So next time you are enjoying a delicious serve of nutty bruce, rest assured that it is nuts that you are tasting, not formulated, gooey gums! be well. Drink bruce. - no gums. - no thickeners. - no preservatives. - no colours. - no added oils. - vegan.

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