Happy Happy Soy Boy Milk 1L

Happy Happy Soy Boy

Introducing our new exciting release: HAPPY HAPPY SOY BOY MILK, 100% natural and vegan soy milk! Available now in singles!

Happy Happy Soy Boy Milk - Gluten Free, Vegan-Friendly, Plant-based Milk Manufactured in Japan

Happy Happy Soy Boy Milk is a smooth, creamy and delicious Soy Milk that has been crafted to make the perfect latte! The finely grounded and filtered soy milk has an extremely smooth taste, be creative about how you like to use it! We don't mean to brag but it tastes great with anything, add into your coffee, smoothie, porridge, you name it!  We have carefully selected every grain of the best whole soybeans, steam them and crush them to release their natural goodness. NO NASTY ADDITIVES! Zero artificial flavours, colours or gums, just the clean nutty taste that everyone loves.


Filtered Water, whole soybeans (min15%), brown sugar, sea salt, mineral (calcium carbonate).

1 Litre

100% Vegan. Cruelty-free. Gluten Free.

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