Berkano Plant Based Chicken Satay Curry 400gr

400g, Vegan, Plant-based, Dairy-free, Meat-free, Sustainable, NZ Made.

Indulge in a savoury and satisfying meal with our mouth-watering traditional mild peanut satay curry. Tender marinated plant-based Harmless chicken pieces are perfectly complemented by the rich, creamy peanut sauce for a flavour explosion in every bite. Paired with fragrant pandan leaf Thai rice, this dish is elevated to new heights. Topped off with crispy shallots, fresh coriander, and crushed peanuts for added texture and depth, this meal is sure to satisfy your cravings and leave you feeling contented.

Our meals have a 12 month frozen shelf life and 7 days refrigerated.

Disclaimer: if any of our meals become out of stock before processing your order, we will automatically substitute them with another product of the same or more value. This is to maximise the freight weight and reduce wait times.

Allergen notice: Harmless Foods is always plant based & dairy free. However, we do use tree nuts (peanuts, almonds, cashew), soy, sesame seeds, gluten, wheat, sulphites in a number of our products. Please check the ingredients list if you have an allergen. While we take the utmost care with each and every product we make, there is the chance of cross contamination within our products. If you have a severe allergy, we would advise you not to order from us.

Please note that our orders are dispatched via an overnight courier service and carefully wrapped in insulation with ice-packs to maintain optimal conditions during transit to you. While we strive to deliver your slices overnight, unforeseen circumstances, such as delays with our shipping partners, may occur. Please allow for up to 24 hours for delivery. Once received, put the products into the fridge or freezer as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, as this is a frozen product we are unable to ship internationally.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Absolutely Delicious!

So tasty!! Beautifully balanced flavours, not spicy which I loved! Filling, delicious and one of my favs so far. Surpassed my expectations on flavour big fan. Highly recommend all Berkano's meals

Frank Goorhuis
Very tasty with only ingredients I’d cook with myself

I was blown away by how tasty this meal was, and reading the ingredients felt good, no ingredients in there that I wouldn’t find in my own pantry.

The only constructive criticism I could offer would be that I found the portion just a tiny bit too small for my appetite. I bulked it up with some veggies.


So much flavor and super filling

Couldn't tell it was vegan!

So delicious, the chicken in this dish was cooked so good and the sweet rice just took it to that next flavour. Def one of my favs