'Chicken' or 'Beef' Enchiladas

Berkano Foods Ltd

3 of our delicious Mexican Enchiladas, with your choice of Sunfed Chicken or Vegan Beef chunks. 

Enchiladas are stuffed with a fresh spinach and a slow cooked chilli Sin Carne mix containing Kidney Beans, Black Beans, Capsicum, Tomato & fresh Coriander. With your choice of our tender cooked vegan Chicken or vegan Beef chunks. These vegan meats are coated in our Mexican spice mix, grilled and then simmered in fresh lime juice!

We then top the enchiladas with a dark chocolate chilli sauce, chipotle sauce, cheesy white sauce, Angel food Cheddar and fresh Coriander. 

Perfect to share with a side for two or a whole meal for 1. 

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