Our Team


Britteny Bryan and Nicholas Harlow are the founders of Berkano Foods.


Nick Harlow

Born and raised in Christchurch, Nick learned all his cooking skills from his nana Fay. After Nick graduated high school he pursued his career in music by completing an audio engineering degree at Mainz. Once he had finished his degree he entered the workforce as a warehousing manager.

After a year working at his high-stress job, Nick left to pursue something more meaningful. He had saved all his money working and wanted to invest it into something but didn’t know what. When he found veganism, he was passionate about making people aware of the damages caused by the meat, dairy and egg industry.


Britteny Bryan

Born in Invercargill and raised in Christchurch, Britteny became interested in health and fitness when she started a degree at Canterbury University a few years ago. She moved into a flat in Riccarton and had to learn how to cook. About 2 years ago she found veganism through research and documentaries. She was already well into her fitness journey so adopting a plant-based diet went perfectly with her ethos.

Being on the go, Britteny soon realised that it was hard to find healthy vegan food when she was out and about, which prompted her to start thinking of ways she could help herself and others.