Cafe Closed Sundays

Cafe Closed Sundays

October 21, 2020

Cafe closed on Sundays* Due to an overwhelming amount of pressure being put on us, (Nick and I) - and the fact that our busiest months are about to happen (Christmas rush), we are forced to temporarily close the cafe on Sundays until further notice… We are planning on bringing in more options, especially a breakfast menu before next year.

We plan to have the cafe reopened more days and hours in January next year, we do not have the capacity to train new cafe staff whilst having such a busy schedule. As our loyal followers know, we manufacture meals mainly, and with us caught up in that along with many exciting projects in the work (all will be revealed soon!) we simply don’t have enough time to do everything. 

We will still be open Thursday/Friday nights and Saturday as normal. Nick and I have not had a day off in over 5 months now, and as we are about to get into the most hectic time of year, we really need to focus our energy on key parts of our company and more importantly, our health! 

Business is a massive sacrifice on anyone who pursues it. You have to sacrifice friends, family, money, time, etc… You sacrifice the most important parts of your life short term, for long term success, and we have been doing so, but one thing you cannot sacrifice too much in the short term is your health. Without that you don’t have anything - you can’t run a business from a hole in the ground haha - pardon my morbidness. 

I know there will be haters out there saying “we don’t priorities the cafe” or “why wouldn't you be open on Sunday, it’s one of the busiest days”, also the more that a company grows the more opportunities present themself, and it’s also very difficult saying no to these. We have BIG plans for the cafe/eatery next year, and we are very excited to announce that in due time. But I thought I would let you know, on a more human level, that Nick and I are focusing where we need to, and giving ourselves a short break, so that we can help propel the plant based movement forward, by making plant based food more affordable and accessible than ever before. I hope you can understand that :)

Love - Nick and Britteny

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